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The magnificent Boyne Valley

Tara Tours Ireland recently had the pleasure of taking a small group out for a private tour of the stunning Boyne Valley. We began our tour at the amazing monastic site of Monasterboice with it's impressive tower and intricate high crosses - including the highest high cross in Ireland. Two children on the tour took the time to explore the Tower and old church ruins while we talked with the adults about the site history, the famine and the general area of Drogheda.

Then it was onto Mellifont Abbey. One of my favourite places to walk around on a quiet weekday morning. Our guests had never been here before so it was a pleasure to paint the picture of how the Abbey came to be located here and it's colourful past. Well done to the OPW for ensuring toilet facilities were back open. Sometimes the simple things make a big difference.

Last leg of this half day tour was Oldbridge House and the Battle of Boyne site. Most visitors have heard of the Battle of Boyne but very few know the full story and it's significance to Irish History. We were delighted that the indoor virtual tour was back open so we could combine a walk around key battle sites

with some excellent video footage reinacting the Battle. Group also got time to grab a coffee and have a walk around the beautiful gardens of Oldbridge House.

To finish the Tour off, we stayed in the local area to have some top quality food at the Graft Café Bistro in Tullyallen. Sitting down for a bit to eat gave us time to have a recap on what we saw today. We had an informal chat about random History, fun facts and we even through in a little quiz for Guests (those two kids knew their stuff 😀). Was a reluctant farewell to our little group but their big thumbs up to our tour as they left was great to hear. Be sure to give us a call if you are interested in having a great day around the Boyne Valley.


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