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5 Reasons to visit Ireland Off-Season

The timing of your trip to Ireland is quite an important factor to keep in mind while planning.

Ireland has over 13 million tourists a year with the majority visiting between June to September. During this peak season visitor attractions can be quite crowded and queues can be long, which can be a little frustrating!

That's why we at Tara Tours Ireland recommend visiting Ireland just either side of peak season: OCTOBER OR MAY...and here's why.....

  1. Weather in October and May is still quite mild and often sunny.

  2. Visitor numbers are reduced, meaning you can enjoy the attractions with ease...far less queueing and better photographs!

3. You can see more of Ireland as you spend less time queueing at sites.

4. Accommodation choices are better as fewer guests are booking rooms.

5. Flights to Ireland & accommodation are cheaper!


This is why our Heart of Ireland tours are in October and our guests get the very most out of their time here. Click the button below for more information about our unique tours of Ireland


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